Reviews are important for our product. It is the best way to express our thanks to those who patronize our product. Please see below some of the reviews we received:

“Helps me train harder”
I love to go to the gym trice a week. Sometimes, I buy fruits of calamansi to juice it, however, it only last for 2 days. That is why I turn to C-Blast Calamansi Juice. It is now my gym partner that provides me more energy. Actually, it helps me train harder. It helps me perspire more with my proper diet. -Jayson

“Refreshing juice for me and my family”
“Calamansi, in general, has a unique flavor and my family’s one of the most favorite refreshing juice. It is natural and loaded with benefits that are healthy refreshing juice for me and my family. Hence, its a part of our activity. I never imagine our bonding if there is no calamansi juice.” -Chyntia

“Natural juice buddy”
“College life is full of exams. Whenever our examination week comes, calamansi juice is my buddy. It helps me focus while undergone exam reviews. It benefits me because it is a natural juice!” -Jon

“Refreshing Drink”
Nothing is better than an afternoon spent in the shade on a terrace with a cold C-blast drink. The good thing about C-blast is it is a drink with less sugar and a much more natural flavor of Calamansi. Drinking c-blast will make any day better. Glomarie