Calamansi Juice is a tropical fruit delight that contains various vitamins mainly vitamin C. We encourage to drink one serving of Calamansi juice to boost immunity. C-Blast prevents different sicknesses such as cough, cold and fever. Calamansi juice also provides health benefits like (1) controls cholesterol level, (2) lowered acidity, (3) controls diabetes, (4) promotes collagen production, (5) weight loss, (6) improves respiratory health, (7) skincare, (8) detoxifies the body and many more. Drink Calamansi juice daily to gain those benefits.


About Us

C-Blast Palayan City Calamansi Growers Association organized in October 2014 at the heart of Nueva Ecija. The product, C-Blast provides a good nutritional drink to your body. The sour and sweet taste of the product gives a feeling of refreshes, vibes, and fulfillment. Though calamansi is a small fruit, it is rich with Vitamin C and minerals that help the body be healthy. If you are athletic and health-conscious, this juice is right for you!

C-Blast by Palayan City Calamansi Growers Association, an association that wants its Farmers to uplift their member’s lives, that provides detailed and efficient growing agricultural products. Many times, oversupply affect the market. Calamansi processing highlights the key to solving this problem of low buying prices. Therefore, it helps the farmer gain profit during this season. It also benefits the consumer because the product provides a huge impact on the body! How is it possible? Study shows that during the intake of calamansi juice, it helps to control cholesterol level, control diabetes, eliminates toxins in the body, improves respiratory health and fights cancer cells!

Now, C-Blast by Palayan City Calamansi Growers Association is well-known for its efficiency in preparing the product. Machines and equipment help to produce refreshing drinks! During the production, it maintains the methodical process to provide finished products with the best result! With the help of this process, calamansi juice is not just a sour taste fruit anymore, it is now a powerful fruit juice! C-Blast is also precise in terms of labeling, reviewing the facts and research found like the loaded vitamins and health benefits of calamansi. The product itself introduces as “Immune Booster” based on the data found in the research.

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