Vitamin C is known as an immune booster. Southeast Asia is one of the homes of tropical lime including calamansi. Calamansi fruit is rich in vitamin C. It is also loaded with minerals such as limonene, vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. It plays a major role in our body. Business Mirror wrote “Calamansi has good amounts of minerals and vitamins, especially it is essential to building immunity. It provides immunity against viral and bacterial infections. Drinking this juice on a regular basis helps build immunity against the common cold, flu, and fever.”

Vitamin C Promotes Good Health

The Manila Times wrote an article about vitamin C. according to them, “A healthy physical being starts with taking nutritious food as well as necessary mine­rals and vitamins. The intake of Vitamin C is fundamental as the colder months also bring various illnesses such as the common cough, colds, flu, and allergies. Ideally, the body needs a minimum of 65 mg to a high dose of 2,000 mg daily. Since orange, the most famous citrus fruit, only gives 88 percent of vitamin C, the body needs supplementary sources to balance intake, enough to survive the rainy season and the rest of the year.”

Our local citrus fruits are amazing. Due to its composition, doctors, and nutritionists’ advice is to consume it regularly especially when the cold and flu season is near. Local restaurants used this as sweet delicacies though it has a sour taste. It also used by culinarians as flavorings to many dishes including bread and pastries.

Overall, citrus juices like calamansi juice did a great job in our bodies. It boosts our immune system and acts as body fighters to harmful elements. It is also an antioxidant for a healthy young-looking. The zest of limes used by culinarians for pastries and the juice also used as flavorings in many dishes.

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