The phenolic compound is chemical compounds containing phenolic acid, flavonoids, tannins and many more. Many plant species found the phenolic compounds. Why is it important? Study shows that natural phenolic compounds play an important role. Phenolic compounds are responsible for their chemopreventive properties. These properties are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic and anticarcinogen. One of phenolic compound-riched fruit is the calamansi. Calamansi is a citrus fruit that is beneficial to the body. Many people used this as dietary plants.

Phenolic Acids in Calamansi

The research was conducted to know the phenolic compounds of calamansi. They found phenolic acids like caffeic acid and sinapic acid. It was determined in the peel and juice of calamansi. They exist in both free and bound forms. The main phenolic acids are ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid.

It proves that the total phenolic contents of calamansi peel extracts were higher. Calamansi pulp extracts are lesser than the peel. The content of phenolic compounds in peel was 1054–1894mg/100g dry extract. The phenolic compound in pulp is 189–1053 mg/100g when dry extract. Boiling water with peel extract has the highest total phenolic content of about 1894mg/100g. Though calamansi peel extract has higher compound than the pulp, it shows that the fruit of calamansi has lots of benefits. These indicated that most of the phenolic compounds in calamansi peel interacts with water.

The above detail shows that phenolic content in calamansi is higher in peel extract. The processing stage of calamansi in the production area press the peel with the pulp. It shows that juice and concentrated creates a better result of phenolic compounds.

Calamansi is reasonable to call as powerful fruit. The content proves that it has good properties that make the body healthy. The phenolic compounds serve as anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic. Also, the study shows that calamansi has its antioxidant properties for slowing the age of the individual. That is why, in Asian countries, the hot water extract of calamansi is a popular hot drink as a folk medicine due to its health benefits. Also, calamansi has an impact on the economy. Due to this researches, manufacturers create opportunities to provide the best products like juices and concentrated. This is also a good opportunity to help our society to know about the health benefits of phenolic compounds of calamansi.

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