Flu and fever easily spread during the rainy seasons and “Ber Months”. Flu is a short term of Influenza and causes fever. Weather abnormalities are one of the reasons why people have it. Unhealthy lifestyles have also been a part of why people easily have it. Flu and fever also spread when someone had coughs and cold. When an individual (carrier of flu) sneeze, these tiny droplets had the power to spread these diseases and flu through the air. It can also be spread through contact with surfaces or clothing contaminated with discharge from an infected person.

Symptoms of Flu

According to the Department of Health, these are the symptoms of Flu:

  • Fever of at least 38 C
  • Headache
  • Runny nose, sore throat, cough or other respiratory manifestations
  • May or may not have muscle or joint pains


  • The use of antiviral agents within the first two days may halt the course of influenza illness.  Consult your physician regarding antiviral agents.
  • Paracetamol for fever.  Aspirin should not be given to children.
  • Antibiotics to be given only to complications of influenza such as pneumonia or otitis media.
  • Adequate rest.
  • Increase the intake of oral fluids and eat nutritious foods.

Also, aside from the above treatment, one of the best ways to avoid contracting flu is the safeness. The Department of Health (DOH) often reminds Filipinos of several health tips to prevent illness during these periods. Research shows that Vitamin C is important in our body. It has an antioxidant that keeps the body strong and healthy. This helps the body to boost the immune system and fights harmful elements inside our body. This serves as the fighter of viruses and bacteria, which are the carrier of harmful illnesses.

Vitamin C is abundant and naturally found in vegetables and fruits especially in citrus fruits like oranges, dalandan and calamansi. The person who is active in physical activities shows that they cannot easily be infected with the disease. Drinking natural juice drinks riched with vitamin C also helps you attain a better immune system.

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