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Bioactive components are chemicals found in plants and certain foods including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and more. According to the National Cancer Institute, bioactive compounds act in the body that may promote good health. With the help of those clinical studies, this compound can prevent cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. With the help of science and the evolution of technology, we now know the importance of these chemicals to our bodies.

The Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition creates an article about how the citrus fruits component reduces the risk of cancer. The article said that “Accumulated evidence from experimental and epidemiological studies indicates that there is a low risk of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cataract, and stroke and, in particular, cancers in people with a high intake of fruit and vegetables”. The study reveals bioactive components associated mainly with antioxidants and lowering the risk of cancer in the body.

Bioactive Components – Where it Founds

Citruses are one of the important commercial fruit in Asia. This means the compound helps prevent and cure some diseases. It also essential in the balanced diet of every individual. Most of us disregard the fruit peel. However, the study shows it was a good source of bioactive components! The pulp and oil found also in the citrus fruits have these compounds.

Citrus trees are small, with narrowed wing short leaves. Dalandan, calamansi, and lime are an example of this. It is used as a natural remedy for several diseases due to the bioactive compounds. Though this is small, it has a huge impact on the economy. For example, pharmaceutical industries develop medicines from these resources to maintain a healthy body and a good lifestyle. Others such as manufacturers use this as a natural source of Vitamin C juice drink. C-Blast by Palayan City Calamansi Growers Association is one of them. This association promotes natural calamansi fruit juice loaded with vitamins and minerals.

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