Oversupply of calamansi creates the market value lower, and processing facility has huge impact on the growers. Since calamansi has played a big role to the farmers, Palayan City Calamansi Growers Association helps them to maximize the oversupply of calamansi. With the help of the government agencies, they came up with the idea of this processing and known as Shared Service Facility (SSF). Before we proceed, let’s take a look at how Palayan City Growers Association processing plant begins.

History of the Cooperator

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through a soft loan to the Palayan City LGU represented by then-Mayor Romeo V. Capinpin with his Sanguniang Panlunsod. The transferred of ownership of the Equipment amounting to 352,000 to the PCCGA was payable in a three-year period. Former Mayor Capinpin also provides an additional P375,000.00 to the association for their working capital. They will also use it to purchase kitchen utensils and payment for the 2 BFAD-approved products of Mrs. Sonia de Jesus. Mrs. De Jesus is a chemist who was the former owner of the processing equipment. She eventually thought them how to become processors. PCCGA used this equipment for calamansi processing.

The Department of Trade and Industry – Nueva Ecija Provincial Office conducted an assessment and evaluation of PCCGA’s processing plant and came up with the identified SSF for calamansi processing.

The Shared Service Facility (SSF) Machine

SSF Machine is the answer to the pressing need of the calamansi growers of Palayan City to solve the problem of over-supply of calamansi fruits during peak season. The fruits are left to rot because of the very low market price. The cost of picking is higher than the buying price of the middleman. The machine provided by DOST through their Setup Program was not sufficient to process the harvest of the calamansi farmers. Through the Shared Service Facility (SSF), PCCGA can process the stock more extracted juice for future use during the offseason.

PCCGA also saves time, effort and expenses on processing calamansi juice and concentrated with the aid of SSF Machine. More markets and added sales are gained by the cooperator through the SSF Machine. Their dream of penetrating not only the domestic but also the global market will soon be realized through the collaborative efforts of the PCCGA, Palayan City LGU, DTI and other national agencies who are always supportive to uplift the lives of the people.

Yes, SSF greatly increased productivity and lessen production costs. It also improves the quality of its products as well as the sanitation and safety of the processing plant.

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