The unyielding farm is common in Palayan City before. Thereafter, people in the city grow their interest in agriculture. Through the help of government agencies like the Department of Agriculture, these people become farmers and start calamansi fruit production. Government agencies provide seminars to maintain the growth and productivity of calamansi trees. Ideally, farmers apply their knowledge in those training to maximize the potentials of every calamansi tree. Due to that training, calamansi is available year-round and is usually seen in its unripened green state. 

Calamansi Production

Cultivating calamansi is easy. However, producing good calamansi fruit is not that fast. To keep the trees healthy and allow them to attain maximum yield, it is always best to protect them from pests and diseases. Pests in calamansi are easy to spot. The Citrus bark borers, a light brown or bluish-black beetles, infested the tree by laying eggs in the cuts and cavity barks of the tree. Once the egg hatch, these larvae feed on the bark and leaves resulting zigzag marks and ragged edges on the bark. Another pest is Aphids, a greenish/brownish insect act as a disease carrier. It results delay in plant growth. Other harmful pests of the calamansi are the Purple Scale and Glover’s Scale. These pests suck the tree’s sap until its leaves and fruits wither and fall, and the tree finally dies.

Palayan City is now a good spot of calamansi farms. Though the city has Palayan City Business Hub and now progressing, many barangays playing the role in agriculture for its economy. Before, the scope of the unyielding farm is huge, but years passed by, many farmers engage growing plants and rice fielding. The irrigation system also helps the farmers to increase the productivity of growing calamansi. Aside from that, fertilizing the plant also provides good quality and healthy fruits. Good production of calamansi also help the production of calamansi juice and concentrated, a product of C-Blast by Palayan City Calamansi Growers Association.  Oversupply of calamansi helps the association increase their production and promote their products with the help of farmers.

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