Agriculture is the major industry in Nueva Ecija which became the Food Bowl and Rice Granary of Central Luzon. The primary agricultural products are rice, corn, onion, garlic, melon, and fruit-bearing trees like mango, calamansi, star apple, and santol. Its agricultural production covers an area of about 298, 742 hectares. These lands are considered fertile lands that are nourished by the Great Pampanga Rivers and its many auxiliaries.

Agriculture creates tourism. Though the distance of Science City of Munoz in Cabanatuan City is 38 kilometers, the city had its own fame. In Nueva Ecija, the well-known tourist attraction is the Philrice Research Institute. Philrice is a government-corporate facility that showcases rice research, creating varieties of palay, rice breeding in their Biotech Laboratory and many more. Other agri-tourism in Munoz City are Central Luzon State University (CLSU), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), and Philippine Carabao Center (PCC).

Agriculture in Palayan City

An hour and a half traveling from the Science City of Munoz, you will see the horizons’ beauty of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Palayan City. Considered as an agricultural city, it contributes to many products in Cabanatuan Sangitan Public Market. One of them is calamansi. Though Palayan City’s agricultural area is 1,894 hectares, 176.5 hectares of it is a calamansi farm. Barangay Mapait, Santolan, Popolon, Aulo, and Sitio Kalanutan are best for growing fruit-bearing trees. The Calamansi Juice and Concentrated serve during meetings and well-known as a token of appreciation.

The irrigation system from Mapait Dam is available during the dry season. Because of that, farmers can maximize their farms. Said dam is located at Brgy. Mapait, and was a favorite spot of nature lovers and bikers. Some enjoy hiking together with their friends. This creates a strong relationship bond. It is one of the tourist spots in which you can see the beautiful nature and mainlands of Palayan City.

Another tourist attraction is located in Brgy. Singalat. It is well known for its beautiful scenery, yet glorious facility! Palayan City Business Hub is declared as an ICT facility. In this facility, you can view the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains and farmlands near the city when you visit it. If you are planning to visit Palayan City Business Hub, you can also enjoy the restaurant-style of Daily Hub Eats. You can choose the best food option on their menus.

To summarize, farming is the majority reason why Nueva Ecija became the Rice Granary and Food Bowl of Central Luzon. Agriculture also creates a tourism industry that generates income.

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