Growing calamansi is one of the choices by farmers, and due to its abundance, it is one of the major fruit in Nueva Ecija. The Philippines considered calamansi as one of the major fruit crops. In the province of Nueva Ecija, it is considered a source of financial stability.

In Palayan City, aside from planting palays and corn, the farmers engage in growing calamansi trees. Agriculture is part of their daily activity. The area planted with calamansi in Palayan City is 176.5 hectares. Calamansi farms are visible in Aulo, Singalat, Popolon, Manacnac, Santolan, Maligaya, Caballero and Marcos Village. Therefore, calamansi farmers in the city of Palayan harvest tons of calamansi every year. This data shows that growing calamansi brings farmers to stability.

Other farms like Leia-Lanz Farm Resort, a resort which solely owned by Mr. Mauro Reyes, consider the picking of calamansi in their day trip packages. It shows that calamansi also contributes income for the resort. Picking calamansi also provides income to others. Less-fortunate people create income by picking it. Poverty is the reason why they become less-fortune but they deserve to be praised for their hard work!

When there is an oversupply of calamansi, C-Blast by Palayan City Growers Association contacts their farmer’s member to buy the calamansi so the fruits will not be wasted. For this, the farmer also helps the association to maximize their production creating a product that is beneficial and healthy.

To summarize, farmers did great help. Once the picking season comes and the market price is low, C-Blast by Palayan City Growers Association buy farmers harvest. By means of that, it will be beneficial to the less-fortunate, farmer, and the association. Considering this, growing this citrus tree provides a source of income.

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