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C-Blast Palayan City Calamansi Growers Association organized in October 2014 at the heart of Nueva Ecija. The product, C-Blast provides a good nutritional drink to your body. The sour and sweet taste of the product gives a feeling of refreshes, vibes, and fulfillment. Though calamansi is a small fruit, it is rich with Vitamin C and minerals that help the body be healthy. If you are athletic and health-conscious, this juice is right for you!

Our Product

Calamansi Juice 250ml and 350ml; and Concentrated 350ml

Growing calamansi is one of the choices by farmers, and due to its abundance, it is one of the major fruit in Nueva Ecija.

In Palayan City, aside from planting palays and corn, often, farmers engage in growing calamansi trees. Agriculture is part of their daily activity.  That is why the association creates a calamansi juice product and concentrated to provide health benefits to the consumer.


Reviews are important in every product. Putting their reviews is the best way to express our thanks to those who patronize products, C-Blast Calamansi Juice, and Concentrated. Thus, we want you to know some of the reviews. Click the below button to read the latest reviews of our product.


Blogs are important about educational purposes, scientific studies, and news and events. On this page, you will learn the history of calamansi. Also, you will know why growing calamansi is important in Nueva Ecija especially in Palayan City.

The scientific basis of calamansi helps you to be well-educated. Furthermore, news and events will inform you about the chairman and DTI’s support in the association. Overall, reading blogs about calamansi will help you be knowledgeable.

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